Global Skirmish v0.7.0 by TehDiplomat

Email questions to "tehdiplomat AT ashotoforangejuice DOT com" (Yes folks, "tehdiplomat" is the email address)
Emails would be great if you have any feature requests, or if you just want to say hi.


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Global Skirmish FAQ (updated 7/18/06)

Current News

What's this? Global Skirmish?
I don't know what to say.. What are those weird icons? Why do they look like they were drawn in paint in 1996?
Whoa! Is that numbers on the icons I see?
This is a completely different game isn't it!?!

(Possibly) Soon Todos

I hae them listed in the JS file for any interested

Down the road



Anyone out there wanna let me know if IE7 or Safari work with infowindows or GoogleMaps as a whole? Still tons of testing going on, but this should be playable. Currently there is a glog window that pops up for battle scoring. This will be changed to divs on the bottom corner of the map.

Current Issues

I love all the perfectionists in the crowd. "winnar" and "NW Terrortories" are spelled the way I want them to be. Thanks for the emails though.


So there have been a bunch of updates in the last week or so. And I'd probably call the game playable with an interesting (yet untuned) combat system. The technology phase (which will be important to a strategy viewpoint) is currently automated making the system a bit stagnant because of all the same switches. My overall goal is to allow for combat to happen each turn and make turns fast, and one round can be very different from the next. I've noticed a few odd things regarding troop size and combat score, which I'll tweak to help balance the game. haven't decided if i think its better to have each unit able to choosing what type of tech.
The best way of doing this I think would be having an infowindow pop open with all the countries that are eligible and clicking a button to choose what type of technology is chosen. This way, the user would not have to click on 25 countries at the end of his turn.
Also, I would like to change the interface away from using balloons for combat. Somehow click attacker and click defender. 7/22/06
Lemme know if it looks weird or runs too slow. I have most of the combat idea worked out in my head, I'll implement it soon to see how it works.
Looks what has reimerged.. how bout this?
I don't really eat CanDy anymore.

Todo for later edition:
Fix code comments and readability